For Every Child, Every Day.

At STREETS Ministries, we do M.O.R.E.! Through Mentoring, Outreach, Recreation, and
Education, we ignite a flame of hope in every child that walks through our doors every day.

Check out the programs we offer.


The Pathways Mentoring Program provides students with access to meaningful relationships with caring adults who share similar interests. During the academic year, mentors and mentee pairs meet for one hour, once-a-week at one of our locations.

“My mentor, Zach, is always encouraging me to get more involved with things STREETS but also outside of STREETS too. He’s always giving me ideas about what I can do and different opportunities for me.”


– Nick, Pathways student

For more information about the Pathways mentoring program, please contact:
Downtown Center – Site Director: [email protected]
Graham Center – Jose Ayala, Interim Site Manager: [email protected]



STREETS Smart is an after-school academic enrichment program designed to support 2nd and 3rd grade elementary students in reading comprehension and other basic literacy skills. Students meet one-on-one with volunteers and use a proven literacy support curriculum.

“I have fun at STREETS Smart and enjoy learning English with my friends”


– Luis, STREETS Smart student

For more information about the STREETS Smart program, please contact:
Graham Center – Johna Bryant, Elementary Coordinator: [email protected]


STREETS offers the opportunity for students to keep track of their studies during the summer and engage in fun, educational programming. The goal is to reinforce what they have learned during the academic year to avoid learning loss.



STREETS offers students a safe and supportive environment to participate in high quality programming that supports students’ academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

After school programs include:
Block parties: Twice a month (bi-weekly), staff and volunteers host an engaging program for students, leading them in fun activities, games and a Gospel message. The evening wraps up with dinner!
Sports teams and Skills camps: Coaches use Gospel-centered coaching approaches to help develop and train athletes in sport specific skills.
STREETS nutrition: Led by a Nutritional Wellness volunteer from the UT-TSU Shelby County Extension Institute of Agriculture, students learn the value of eating healthy in fun and engaging ways.
Financial literacy: Students are equipped with financial skills to help them be fiscally responsible and reach future goals. Skills learned include how to build a credit score and how to make wise investments.
Bible studies: At our core, STREETS exists to help students explore and embrace their faith. Our Bible studies help students dive deeper into the content from Block Parties, using STREETS provided curriculum. These grade and gender specific studies led by staff and volunteers, meet once a week, and typically consist of groups of four to eight students.
ACT Prep: Our large group ACT preparation sessions help high school students build confidence, practice skills and be test ready.

For more information about STREETS After School programs, please contact:
Downtown Center – Site Director: [email protected]
Graham Center – Jose Ayala, Interim Site Manager: [email protected]



What is STREETS’ mission statement?

STREETS Ministries, through the love of Jesus Christ, engages, encourages, and equips youth to achieve their potential by realizing their God-given purpose.

Where is STREETS located?

STREETS has two locations, Downtown (430 Vance Avenue, Memphis, TN 38126) and Graham Heights (1304 N. Graham Street, Memphis, TN 38122).

Who do we serve at STREETS?

STREETS students are ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse. We primarily serve middle and high school students from the community and neighboring schools; however, at our Graham location, we also offer a 2nd and 3rd grade tutoring program. Schools we partner with include: Kingsbury Elementary, Middle and High School, Booker T. Washington Middle and High School, Grizzlies Preparatory School, Bellevue Middle School, and Memphis Central High School.

What programs do we offer?
STREETS exists to engage, encourage, and equip underserved youth by supporting the whole child, including a student’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. This is primarily achieved through After School Programs, STREETS Smart Elementary Literacy Program, Pathways Mentoring Program, and Summer Camp Programs.
How do I register my child?

Registration is done online. Parents or guardians can request the link to register from a Streets Ministries staff member by calling our offices at (901) 525-7380.

How do I know that my registration was successful? When can my child start?

Upon completion of the form, an auto reply will be sent to the parent or guardian email address provided in the registration form. Upon receiving the registration confirmation email, your student can begin attending at their registered STREETS location. For additional information call to speak with a Site Director at (901) 525-7380.

Is there a cost for my student to register?

There is no cost to families for STREETS’ student membership.

Do you provide after-school transportation?

Yes, transportation is provided from these select schools to our downtown site at 430 Vance Ave: Booker T Washington, Central High School, and Bellevue Middle School. However, there is no transportation provided to the Graham site as our facility is strategically centered in close proximity to the Kingsbury Middle and High Schools for after-school programming.

What time do you close?

Monday – Thursday at 6:00 p.m.; Fridays at 5:00 p.m. Any changes center hours will be communicated via mass texts to all parents or guardians who have opted in for receiving text messages.

Do I need to pick my child up?

Yes. Parents or guardians are responsible for making arrangements for student pickup from STREETS’ facilities by closing time.

Can my child hang out at STREETS after-hours until I arrive for pickup?

No. As a security and safety precaution, all students are required to be picked up from STREETS’ properties by the closing times of 6:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday and 5:00 p.m. on Fridays. If these requirements are not met or upheld by the parent or guardian, your student could potentially lose their membership status.

Can you help with my rent, utilities and other needs?
At this time, STREETS does not assist families with benevolent support. However please click here for a list of community partners and resources.
How do I volunteer at STREETS?

Details for volunteering can be found on our website here.

What grade can students participate?

STREETS provides after-school programming for middle and high school students at both Vance and Graham locations. We also provide elementary literacy support for 2nd and 3rd graders at Kingsbury Elementary School at our Graham outpost.

When does STREETS’ programming begin and end?

STREETS’ programming follows Memphis Shelby County Schools academic year calendar. In addition, we offer summer camp opportunities and activities for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Are volunteers screened?
Yes. At a minimum, every volunteer must have 2 satisfactory references checks and pass a background check. Additionally, some programs require agreement to Streets Ministries’ Statement of Faith and provide a personal Statement of Faith.
What safety protocols are in place at STREETS?
– Armed security guards are on-site at both locations during after-school open recreation hours.
– Due to student safety precautions, we do not allow students to leave and re-enter STREETS’ facilities.
– All STREETS’ staff are CPR/AED/First-aid certified.
– All STREETS’ facilities are equipped with internal and external high-definition video surveillance cameras and are in compliance with law enforcement upon request.
– Student membership is required for admittance to all Streets Ministries’ after-school programming.
– All volunteers and staff are screened utilizing a county, state, and federal background check.
– Compliance with fire and safety regulations including quarterly and annual systems inspections.
– Adding metal detectors as part of the safety precautions.